IIDF: The lack of personnel in the IT-industry reaches 400 thousand

: Alexander Elshevsky | ASI Press Service

In order to fill the existing shortage of personnel in the field of information technologies in Russia, it is necessary to increase the number of IT applications by 2.5 times, Kirill Varlamov, director of the Internet Initiatives Development Foundation (IIDF), said during the plenary discussion “The Battle for Talents. Principles of attracting and retaining human capital in the digital age”, which took place on October 15 at the “Open Innovations 2018” forum in Skolkovo.

“Currently, about 2 million people work in the IT industry. The current shortage of personnel in the labor market in this area ranges from 200 to 400 thousand people. Every year, universities and technical schools produce about 82 thousand IT-specialists. In order for us to somehow overcome the need for personnel, it is necessary to increase the enrollment in universities for IT specialties by 2.5 times - to about 200 thousand people a year,” Kirill Varlamov said.

With a general shortage of personnel for the digital economy, Russia is facing a large outflow of specialists abroad.

“We are looking at the statistics of the last two years - we have an outflow of population, specialists in various industries, more than 100 thousand people. Of these, more than 18,000with higher education, IT specialists, 4,000 people annually,” Svetlana Chupsheva, General Director of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI), said.

The ASI head emphasized that in order to fill the shortage of personnel and to solve the problems of advanced technological development, comfortable conditions, appropriate infrastructure and opportunities for the self-realization of talented people are necessary.

“When we talk about a technological breakthrough, about the program “Digital Economy”, what statistics do we have here? From additional education, if we are talking about schoolchildren, only 5% are covered by technical creativity. It’s just too little,” Svetlana Chupsheva said.

According to her, some elements of the necessary infrastructure for the support and development of talent have already appeared in Russia.

“This is the federal center for working with talented children - “Sirius”. For 3 years, 20 thousand children have passed through the “Sirius” programs. Children's technoparks “Kvantorium” are opened in the regions - to date, 57 high-tech sites with the latest equipment and modern programs, more than 200 thousand children have gone through such training programs. We hold the NTI Olympiad, our children participate in international competitions and Olympiads, but so far this is not enough to talk about a comprehensive system not only to support talents, but also to create opportunities for their self-realization,” Svetlana Chupsheva said.