Nine new business projects approved to get support from the Agency for Strategic Initiatives

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In July 2017, the working group of the Expert Board of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) examined and approved support to 9 new business projects that will be provided administrative, methodological and information support.

The approved projects include a smart bracelet, that was presented to Russian President Vladimir Putin at the meeting of the ASI’s Supervisory Board in Petrozavodsk, a training model using virtual reality technologies for employees of manufacturing enterprises, a thermosensor for the prevention of fire hazard in buildings, and technologies for detection of explosive and radioactive substances.

The following projects will receive support from ASI

Technology for early prevention of pre-fire and pre-emergency situations
Project leader: Aleksey Lesiv, Director of Business Development at TermoElektrika, LLC

TermoElektrika is a developer and manufacturer of a unique complex of early prevention of fire dangerous situations. The patented system ThermoSensor consists of a gas-generating sticker, a gas detecting and warning device, a receiving and control device. Its operating principle is as follows: the system detects the heating of individual parts and components of electrical equipment, connectors, cables and wires that exceeds the permissible operating parameters (over 80 °C), but has not yet reached the level of thermal decomposition of inflammable insulating materials (over 180 °C).

Competitive advantages of the technology include easy installation, guaranteed reliability, early overheating detection, use of a non-flammable and non-toxic signal gas, as well as a low price. The cost of installing the system in standard facilities is: about 50,000 rubles for a kindergarten, 100,000–150,000 rubles for a school, and 500,000 rubles for a hospital.

The Agency will support the Company in cooperation with the relevant executive authorities and organizations in the matter of making amendments to regulatory acts for wider use of innovative products, and will support the implementation of the system in social and industrial facilities.

Implementation of advanced neutron technologies for determining the elemental composition of substances Project leader: Yury Olshansky, Director of RATEK Scientific and Technology Center, OJSC

RATEK Scientific and Technology Center, OJSC has developed a wide range of special inspection equipment for various applications on the basis of advanced nuclear physics technologies, as well as new industrial technological solutions for the flow control of the elemental composition of substances.

Unparalleled in the world, the Company’s products allow detecting explosive substances in any form, regardless of the measures taken to camouflage them. They are used to detect radioactive and fissile substances for various purposes, as well as all types of explosives, including plastic ones.

The Company’s installations are already used in the Pulkovo Airport areas.

For the needs of industry, the Company produces a flow neutron analyzer, which provides a continuous, non-contact elemental analysis of bulk raw materials, providing information about their composition (regardless of their form and moisture content) with the possibility to monitor the raw mix, all this in an online mode.

The flow analyzer has been successfully put into operation at the cement plant owned by Eurocement Group. Its use ensured consistently high quality of the cement produced, as well as ~3% saving energy resources (the performance indicators are higher than those of the world’s leading analogues).

The company supplies plants to China, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania.

The Agency's support will be aimed at the organization of interaction with authorities for conducting additional tests and implementation of systems in large public facilities to ensure security. The ASI will also help establish communications with large industrial enterprises, including those of cement and extractive industries, for approbation, implementation, and promotion of the systems.

Modernization and increase in energy efficiency of street lighting facilities Project leader: Dmitry Nalogin, President of Lighting Technologies International Group of Companies, LLC.

Lighting Technologies International Group of Companies, LLC is the largest manufacturer and supplier of modern energy-efficient lighting solutions in Russia and CIS countries. The Company’s main production facilities are located in Russia; the Company also operates in the markets of Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Its activities include implementation of projects on energy saving and efficient use of electric energy and improved quality of lighting in the operation of outdoor and street lighting facilities under energy service contracts. The projects use high-efficiency in-house street lights.

The company has successfully implemented energy-service projects in towns of the Vladimir Region: Vladimir, Aleksandrov, Kovrov, Gus-Khrustalny, providing about 70% savings on street lighting while improving its quality. The Company sees prospects for the development of energy services in various regions of Russia. Currently, projects are being developed in the Yaroslavl, Pskov, Vladimir regions, and in Stavropol.

The Agency will support the Company in cooperation with regional authorities, development institutions to launch new energy service projects. Together with concerned ministries and organizations, the ASI will carry out an additional expertise of the Company’s industry-level initiatives, aimed at improving the efficiency of energy service projects.

Development of superconducting technologies Project leaders: Andrey Vavilov, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SuperOks, CJSC; Sergey Samoylenkov, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, General Director of SuperOks, CJSC

The SuperOks Group of Companies creates innovative, high-tech superconductor-based products and is the only commercial manufacturer of VTSP-conductors (high-temperature superconductor) in Russia and Europe, supplying its products to Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, the USA, Japan (15 countries in total).

The purpose of the project is the development of VTSP-conductors in Russia and commercialization of the Company’s key product – current limiting devices. Based on VTSP-conductors, the Company develops and manufactures current limiting devices, unique in terms of their performance speed, ultralight power cables, electric motors with a record specific power, magnetic systems for scientific research, and electric rocket engines.

Economic effect of the project implementation shall be: 30–50% – reduction in capital costs for the construction and reconstruction of substations; 10–30% – decrease in operating costs due to reduced losses in the transmission of electricity, reduced wear of power equipment, and reduced number of emergency situations; ensuring continuous operation of production facilities, a multiple-fold decrease in forced downtime; the possibility to put into operation an infrastructure disabled at SCC (short circuit current) conditions.

The Agency will support the Company in interaction with major state companies to promote innovative solutions to test and implement them.

Development of production of automated spark protection devices (USIs) for prevention of fires in electrical grids and installations Project leader: Fedor Nemtsov, General Director of Ecolight, LLC

Ecolight is an innovative Russian production company, engaged mainly in the development and production of domestic electrical equipment, LED lighting fixtures.

In Russia, more than 40 thousand fires (27.9% of the total number of fires) occur annually due to improper operation and installation of electrical equipment and appliances, with a total annual damage of more than 6 billion rubles and the number of victims exceeding 1,800 people (according to statistics of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations).

The company has developed and prepared for serial manufacturing an innovative spark protection device (USIs): an automated equipment to avoid and prevent fires caused by arcing in electrical grids and installations. The device will provide an increased fire safety, reduce the number of fires caused by sparking in electrical systems.

The agency will support the company in the organization of interaction with large enterprises and regional authorities, as well as with development institutes on certification and promotion of products to foreign markets.

Industrial equipment monitoring system dispatcher AIS Project leader: Vasily Churanov, Development Director at the TWINS, LLC, Co-owner of Stankoservis Innovation Center, LLC

Stankoservis Innovation Center, engaged in monitoring the operation of industrial equipment, has developed and patented control program input and output devices for CNC machines, devices for small-scale modernization of CNC machines.

The company has developed its own monitoring system for industrial equipment – the Dispatcher Automated Information System, which allows quick monitoring of the industrial equipment operation in real time mode. It may be quickly integrated into the existing production infrastructure and makes it possible to obtain reliable data on loading, downtime, process, mean time before failure for each piece of equipment.

The system is implemented in more than 40 Russian enterprises of the military (60%) and civil (40%) sectors with a fleet of 30 machines.

The main feature of this solution is the ability to integrate all the production equipment of an enterprise, regardless of its type (CNC machines, machines without CNC, welding and heating equipment, etc.), manufacturer, and year of manufacture, into a single information space, and to control its operation.

The agency will support the company in informing potential consumers about the opportunities and effects of implementing the system, in organization of interaction with industry associations and unions.

Development of a trusted protected information environment “Pokrov” Project leader: Leonid Svatkov, owner of AltEl, LLC

AltEl is one of the leading Russian developers of information security tools for commercial and government structures. The company offers 5 groups of certified information security tools (IST). Each IST can be used in information security systems to provide technical protection of confidential information in systems with the highest protection level.

The Company cooperates with Intel, AMD, Marvell, Cavium Networks, DEPO, AQUARIUS and other leading Russian and global IT developers and suppliers. It is a member of major international IT associations.

Currently, AltEl is engaged in the development and certification of a comprehensive solution to create a secure trusted platform. The solution architecture meets the following basic requirements: simultaneous work of users in “open” and “closed” networks from one device; building a secure network over an existing communication line without the need to physically rebuild the latter; easy further scaling, reduced design costs; unauthorized access protection, and guaranteed security of information.

The Agency will support the Company in organizing interaction with regional executive authorities, large enterprises for approbation and introduction of the Company’s products and technologies.

Implementation of personal devices for effective health and safety management Project leader: Artem Shipitsyn, General Director of Healbe, LLC

Healbe has been established to launch personal devices under the brand name of Healbe GoBe.

Healbe GoBe is the unique fitness tracker that can count calories and register the body hydration level through the skin. This is the first device in the world that can measure emotional stress level.

GoBe bracelet is intended for people watching their body weight; it can also be used to diagnose pre-diabetic condition and improve the quality of life of diabetic patients, to diagnose the risks of cardiovascular diseases, and other health risks.

In cooperation with the ITPS Group, it is planned to implement an integrated solution for effective health and safety management, monitoring the state of health and stress level of employees with the use of personal devices given to employees.

The Agency will support the pilot approbation of the proposed solution with large mining and manufacturing companies for conducting research and technology application.

Virtual and Augmented Reality applications for industrial use Project leader: Elena Romanova, General Director of Intelligent Ideas, LLC

Intelligent Ideas offers 3D solutions using virtual reality and simulation of a training environment in real time mode in the oil and gas and energy industries, as well as in processing industries as a whole.

VR-STAR platform based on virtual reality technology embraces advanced solutions to improve production processes, health, safety and environment policies at a production facility.

In 2014, a plant of Rosneft Oil Company, PJSC (Ryazan Oil Refining Company, JSC), implemented the pilot project for the development and configuration of VR-STAR platform (software for professional training of senior and field operators in emergencies) for АВТ-4 primary oil distillation unit.

The Agency will support the project in cooperation with oil and gas companies for approbation and implementation of the technical solution.