ASI, RVC, and Skolkovo Fund are to Organize New National and International Technological Contests within the NTI Logic

The Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI), Russian Venture Company (RVC), and Skolkovo Foundation are to organize new national and international contests within the NTI logic and to train and support existing companies. A respective collaboration agreement was signed by the Parties on June 2, 2017 on the site of SPIEF.

The participants of the technological contests will be universities and private companies that focus their engineering and scientific staff on the development of prospective technologies. The contests will include the development of actual technological solutions for customer companies.

The examples of such contests are international competitions like Spectrum Collaboration Challenge, Cybatlon, XPrize. The task of XPrize is to create software enabling children from the developing countries learn reading, writing, and arithmetics using AI technologies. At Cybatlon people with disabilities demonstrate the developed movement systems managed by neurointerfaces in the format of a competition. Prize funds of major contests reach millions of US dollars.

“The sum of attracted investments is in any case much bigger than the prize fund. Complicated and critical inter-disciplinary tasks are solved by the researchers before our eyes. These contests overcome technological, social, and communicative barriers,” pointed out the head of ASI Young Professionals Direction Dmitry Peskov.

ASI will provide methodological support for the development of contest tasks and a specialized acceleration program for the participants and winners, and will form the expert panel and the jury.

“Selecting key technological tasks and providing support for their solution is one of the main objections of the whole innovative system. World experience shows that technological contests aimed at reaching top level results have proven efficiency. In the framework of this agreements we create opportunities not only for the holding of national technical contests (NTC) in our country but also for the participation of the best Russian teams in international competitions. We hope that the winners will become technological leaders, and the contests will turn into social and technological elevators for developers” - commented the Chairman of the Board of Skolkovo Fund Ogor Drozdov.

Skolkovo plans to attract industry partner to the co-financing of the prize fund and to create an independent division in its structure that will be responsible for the development of technological contests.

“For the contests to be successful RVC is ready to provide the whole range of its tools for working with major businesses and technological entrepreneurs including the resources gathered during the organization of the Federal startup accelerator GenerationS. The tasks of NTC will be jointly created by development institutions and corporations that will be the customers for break-through international level technologies,” said the General Director of RVC Alexander Povalko.

Russian Venture Company will provide assistance in the formation of the prize fund of the national and international technological contests (Russian part) for the tasks of the National Technological Initiative.