6 new business projects to receive ASI support

On May 18, 2017 the Business Project working group of the expert council of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives considered and approved 6 new projects.

Organization of high-tech manufacture of modified polymers and goods from them
Project leaders: Alexey Nagoryansky, General Director of CompositeSystems LLC, and Alexander Kamyshov, co-owner of CompositeSystems LLC

CompositeSystems is an engineering company that is engaged in the development, manufacture, and sale of finished production from polymers modified with nano-additives on the basis of fullerenes. Record-breaking operational characteristics of the products are reached due to the unique combination of properties of the new polymer nano-composite material PA 6M that is characterized by its durability, elasticity, anti-static and anti-friction.

The main product of the company is polymer conveyor rollers. Due to the improved properties of the new material they are the leaders of their class by operational characteristics in comparison with competitive products from steel and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene.

Within the framework of the project an additional full-cycle production line for the manufacture of the products from modified polymers is to be created for extractive industries including dangerous coal extraction. The volume of manufacture is planned to be increased to 50K rollers and 20 tons of bearings a year.

The support of ASI will be aimed at collaboration with major chemical, metal, mining, and processing industry facilities to carry out industrial tests of the products. The Agency will also help establish communication with development institutes for the purpose of receiving expert opinion and attracting investments to the project. The project also provide for the scaling of the manufacture in the territory of Russia (Leningrad region).

Creation of microtubing cable ducts for FOTS in underground constructions
Project leader: Nikita Wilgelm, General Director of CableRunnerRus JSC

CableRunnerRus group of companies was founded in 2012 along with the Austrian company CableRunner International. CableRunnerRus provides exclusive services of creation of microtubing cable ducts for FOTS. The existing ducts infrastructure is used to connect a building to communication networks (Internet, phones). Cables are put into the underground gravity sewer network or the rain drainage system.

The non-invasive technology of underground microtubing cable network construction does not require additional works (such as digging channels) which is an advantage for city infrastructure. This is an optimal alternative for the existing telecom networks based on air cable.

The project provides for making cable ducts in the territory of Moscow and Saint Petersburg and providing communication operators with free access to the system. The length of the network in the territory of Saint Petersburg on the first stage of construction will be about 180 km.

ASI support will be aimed at the rendering of consulting and methodological assistance and at the collaboration with executive authorities of Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

Expansion of a plant manufacturing refrigeration equipment for food industry
Project leader: Armen Simonyan, General Director and owner of ECO-1 group of companies.

ECO-1 LLC is a manufacturer of refrigeration equipment for food products under the brands BONVINI and Snezh. The company produces refrigeration chests with the volume from 236 to 650 liters, refrigeration cabinets (360, 420, and 470 liters), and refrigerators of closed type with useful volume 850 and 1,100 liters at its own site in Moscow region. The production capacity is 72K items of refrigeration equipment (when the facility is working one shift).

Current production is planned to be expanded to broaden the product range and launch two own production lines. By 2020 the capacity is expected to have increased to 93K items. The company is also considering the creation of an additional facility in the Central Federal District.

ASI support will be aimed at the collaboration with development institutes in the areas of export and raising funds, as well as with CFD regions to find the place of location for the new facility and to develop the feasibility study.

Foreman industrial equipment monitoring system
Project leader: Andrey Lovyin, General Director of LO TSNITI JSC

LO TSNITI is a leading Russian developer and supplier of solutions for increasing the efficiency of machine building facilities.

The company has developed in-house software and hardware complex named Foreman used to monitor the work of the industrial equipment, dispatch workshop services, digitize, and improve the efficiency of production processes connected with the work of a machine park.

Foreman system offers a new hybrid way of collaboration with equipment that provides for selection and combination of hardware and software technologies depending on the characteristics and functional abilities of the machine park:

  • modern machines that have a CNC with a network card can be directly connected to the monitoring server without the need for using terminals;
  • old equipment and machines that do not provide for free information exchange are connected to the system using traditional hardware means.

Due to this approach Foreman system is able to unite modern and old foreign and domestic machines into a single informational environment.

According to the company’s estimates, the implementation of the system at a facility that works two shifts and has a machine park of 100 units may lead to the economic effect of about RUB 130 mln a year by increasing the load on the equipment only by 10%. Generally, the payback period of the system is about 6-12 months.

The company is focused on strengthening its positions in the national market and on broadening its presence abroad. ASI support will be aimed at informing potential consumers about the abilities and effects of the system and at the organization of collaboration with industry associations and unions.

Use of high-quality stabilizer in asphaltic concrete for road construction
Project leader: Oleg Tusumkhanov, General Director of OM LLC

OM LLC is based in Yasny monocity in Orenburg region and manufactures a stabilizing additive named “chrisopro” for crushed-mastic asphalt concretes used in the construction of motorways.

According to laboratory conclusions, the additive has high operative characteristics, is consumed in less amounts in comparison with other stabilizing additives, and has a competitive price. The product is certified and has been used on federal and regional motorways - in Tyumen, Kaliningrad region, at Formula-1 track in Sochi, in road junctions in Vladivostok and Nakhodka, and in other facilities.

The company plans to widely implement the product in road construction and aims for the development of manufacturing and considerable increase of its production capacities.

The Agency will support OM LLC in collaboration with profile organization and federal executive authorities to assess operational characteristics and organize procurement procedures in accordance with the existing standards. ASI will also secure communication with the regions and road companies to implement and use the technology.

Creation of a fodder protein concentrate manufacturing facility in Ryazan region
Project leaders: Mark Faider, head of the investment project Ladesol LLC

The project provides for the creation of a modern biotech complex for deep processing of fodder grain and manufacturing of concentrated protein fodder (CPF) in the territory of Ryazan region. The product of the project is concentrated protein fodder with not less than 55% content of raw protein and lactic acid. First tier processing capacity is 50K tons of raw materials, CPF manufacture - 27.8K tons a year, and lactic acid manufacture - 5K tons.

The Russian fodder and additives market has been growing by year, and the manufacture of lactic acid is considered prospective. The company is aimed at the increase of processing capacity to 150K tons and at the creation of facilities in other regions. The first tier of the project is expected to be launched before the end of 2017.

ASI support will be aimed at collaboration with regional executive authorities for the distribution of the project.