National Technological Initiative companies will get motivated professionals via the Road to Job program

Since April 19, hosts a special section opened as a part of the ASI Road to Job project; it maintains a platform for the publication of term papers, diploma projects, and scientific research dedicated to addressing the technological obstacles in the National Technological Initiative (NTI) markets.

Ivan Zasursky who spearheads the project says that NTI market participants can study the publicly available student and graduate papers. “If companies want to implement such student-proposed solutions in their business operations, they can invite the authors of such papers for internship or even offer them a job,” he says. “We do not limit the range of companies; instead, we want to help find promising professionals for high-tech projects and new markets.” Employers do not incur additional costs; at the same time, they get highly motivated specialists that want to attract attention.

NTI market companies can use the Road to Job platform to generate and publish orders to solve their specific business problems.

Thanks to this web service, students and graduates gain an opportunity to do scientific research on a variety of relevant technological issues matching the NTI logic. Ivan Zasursky: “Thanks to their research and projects on the topics the website mentions as well as by means of constant customer communications, researchers are able to obtain special technical knowledge, decide which kind of job they want, get an internship or a job, as well as become NTI participants.”

Kseniya Andreyeva, Head of the Young Professionals Project and Practice Department, says that NTI panels and participants have already been informed on the project. “Six or seven universities in the NTI University Working Group are soon to be recommended to add problems relating to NTI technological obstacles to their term and diploma paper topics for the coming academic year,” she says.

Project Model

  • A student or a graduate chooses a topic for his/her research.
  • The completed paper is published at
  • Communication with NTI organizers and companies begins
  • The researcher is invited to take an internship or a job at an NTI company