Kvantorium children's park was opened in Yugorsk November 1

The third Kvantorium children's technopark in the Khanty-Mansi autonomous district was opened at Yugorsk as part of Gazprom Transgaz training and production center on November 1, 2016. Training of students will begin in December 2016 for two educational tracks (kvantums) - IT and robotics.

The target audience of the Kvantorium consists of children from 5 to 18 years of age from Yugorsk and the nearby settlements, including Beloyarsky, Berezovsky, Oktyabrsky and Sovetsky districts and the city of Nyagan.

At the IT kvantum, the students will be trained in “ethical hacking”. Senior school students (14 to 17 years of age) will enjoy vocational program in “Information and Communication Technologies”, which will help to develop skills in protecting information systems against hacking.

Robo-kvantum is designed for children of 10 years of age and upwards. The educational program contains units for the initial study of basic computer science and robotics.

The “advanced” Kvantorium students will have a chance to master cutting-edge technologies in electronics, mechatronics and programming, to learn how to configure wireless hardware, to establish wireless communication between a mobile robot and a computer using industrial software.

“The idea of creating children's technoparks involves making them scientific and methodological core of the whole children's extended education system in the region”, Andrey Nikitin, general director of the ASI, told reporters during his visit to the Championship of Cross-Industry Working Professions in High-Tech Industries (Worldskills Hi-Tech 2016) in Yekaterinburg.

Educational programs of the Kvantoriums, in his view, must comply with the staffing and technological needs of a particular region of the Russian Federation. “The Kvntorium in Yugorsk will focus, among other things, on the technologies associated with extraction and transportation of gas. The Kvantorium in Naberezhnye Chelny is customized to the needs of automotive industry and meets the requirements of KAMAZ”, Head of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives added.


The Kvantorium in Yugra will start to operate at full capacity in November 2017. It will train over 1,000 students per year in acordance with 8 educational tracks: IT, Robo, Auto, Aero, Bio, Nano, Energy, and Gas kvantums.