Russia qualifies for super-final of World Championship in strategy and business management (GMC-2016)

The Russian team joined the group of super-finalists of the World Championship in Strategy and Business Management – Global Management Challenge (GMC 2016), held these days in Macao (China).

The Russian teams includes the winners of National Championship representing the Orenburg and the Novosibirsk Regions and the Republic of Bashkortostan – Ruslan Sagitov, Vladislav Zaryanin, Aleksey Chuvayev and Victor Soldatov.

Of the 25 countries participating in the finals, the teams from Brazil, China, Kenya, Latvia, Morocco, Russia, Slovak and Czech Republic won through to the octet of the strongest.

During the 5 virtual quarters, the teams managed young companies with the aim of expanding and seeking options to increase their presence on foreign markets. The participants had to react to consumers' volatile behavior promptly by using opportunities provided by economic climate.

From the four groups composed by lot, the teams achieving the first and the second positions reached the final:

Blue Group

  • 1st place – Slovakia
  • 2nd place – China
  • 3rd place – Hong Kong
  • 4th place – Cameroon
  • 5th place – India
  • 6th place – Kuwait
  • 7th place – Qatar

Yellow Group

  • 1th place – Czech Republic
  • 2nd place – Morocco
  • 3rd place – Portugal
  • 4th place – Macao
  • 5th place – Ivory Coast
  • 6th place – UAE

Red Group

  • 1st place – Russia
  • 2nd place – Latvia
  • 3rd place – Spain
  • 4th place – Romania
  • 5th place – Senegal
  • 6th place – Greece

Green Group

  • 1st place – Brazil
  • 2nd place – Kenya
  • 3rd place – Estonia
  • 4th place – France
  • 5th place – Poland
  • 6th place – France
  • 7th place – Mexico

"The final was a cliffhanger, since the organizers used a new version of the simulator that puts even experienced teams on edge", – confessed Vyacheslav Shoptenko, the leader of Global Management Challenge Russia project and Director of Organizational Development and Strategic Initiatives Institute of RANEPA.

According to the official representative of the Russian delegation, the key to success was not only in solid technical training, but also in the ability to react flexibly to a dynamic market. "This capacity explains the fact that mainly teams representing developing economies including Eastern Europe and BRICS made it to the finals", – remarked Vyacheslav Shoptenko.

The octet of the super-finalists will contend for the title of World Strategy and Business Management Championship tomorrow, on April 20.